You Matter

One on one executive coaching will aim to increase self awareness, master internal dialogue, and develop strategies in order that you may be the best you can be on every level, mind, body, soul and spirit. Preparation for Senior Leaders returning from Maternity Leave.

Your Team

High performance team interventions. Group coaching. 360/ diagnostics including Myers Briggs profiling, LSI, The Leadership Circle. Positive psychology. Neuroleadership and conscious leadership development.

Vision/Mission creation. All strategies designed to support the team to move from reactive behaviour to creative ownership.

Your organisation

Cultural transformations. Identifying mindsets and behaviours across the organization. Alignment of the individual, the team and supporting systems to drive cultural vision. Workforce, workstyles and workplace solutions for tomorrow's world.

Why Choose Us?

  • All Haywood-Matty employees have been on their own journey of self discovery
  • Over 30 years experience inside various global organisations
  • Trained in integral theories since 2005
  • Motivated by your success
  • Proven track record
  • We care

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Outstanding Team Performance

High performance teaming can be achieved when teams recognise they are too far into the need to complete the task and have taken their eye off the need to look at the effect they may be having on each other.  Our brains are wired not

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Changing the nature of work – ABC radio interview

Broadcast: Sunday 22 April 2012 11:30AM What impact are new design practices and changing technology having on not just the physical office but also on the way we think about work itself? Is the idea of the individual office a thing of the past? In

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Guided meditation

Meditation of one style or another can be found in most of the major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Generally, Eastern religions have tended to concentrate on meditation as a means of realising spiritual enlightenment. This has also included many health-promoting practices.

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